Get this. Some of our fellow Christians claim that we need a MEEK president. They say Donald Trump is too tough, and that’s JUST NOT Christian-like. They say he’s just not like Jesus.


Meek? REALLY? Is that how you think Jesus Christ and Jehovah God are? Is it really that simple?

Remember that Christ’s standards for salvation are different than man’s standards. It’s easy to pull a verse out of the Bible here, and a verse out of the Bible there, to lawyer-like paint a picture you desire of a church man that exemplifies Christianity. But in doing so, man has created man-made standards of righteousness. Some people refer to such standards as “political correctness.” At least that’s what the liberals call it. If you overstep their man-made political correctness standards, you will be attacked, called evil, and destroyed. But our own Christian conservatives have their own form of man-made churchy political correctness too. If you don’t act church-like, they are just as quick to crucify you.

002-jesus-calls-disciplesWell, what does a real man of God look like? What would Jesus say or do? How has God handled things?

You know, you probably would NEVER vote for any of the original 12 disciples because they probably wouldn’t walk or talk anything like what you would expect of a Christian. They certainly wouldn’t tickle your ears with churchy platitudes.

mercy_floodAnd neither would Jesus, who attacked the self-righteous Pharisees and Sadducees calling them a brood of vipers. And then there was that little time when God ordered his chosen people to go into the land and KILL every man, woman, and child. Then there was that other little time when God KILLED every person on the planet except for Noah and his family.

What if Donald Trump attacked the two-faced Pharisaical politicians of today, saying, “You snakes! You brood of vipers! You hypocrites! You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. You are like whitewashed tombs, beautiful on the outside, but as filthy as dead men’s bones on the inside.”

Most Christians would probably attack him and say that he should be more humble, more like Jesus, show more love, etc. But those are Jesus own spoken words right out of One Matthew 23.

Money ChangersClipboard02Oh, and then there was the time that Jesus turned over the tables in the Temple and physically assaulted the money changers as he chased them out of His Father’s house. And then there was the time God wiped out four cities around Sodom with fire KILLING everyone except Lot and his two daughters because they were deemed righteous and were saved by the angels of the Lord (even though the two daughters later slept with their own father to get pregnant).

Then there was Abraham, who went after the Kings in an act of “Just War.” GUESS WHAT! These guys didn’t wear suits and ties. Sometimes, they spit in public. They didn’t bathe and probably stank. They slept with women they shouldn’t have. Like the man that God deemed righteous enough to rebuild his holy Temple, King Solomon, who had hundreds of wives and hundreds of concubines AS HE DID GOD’S WORK! (Donald Trump looks like an alter boy in comparison).

fishingThe disciples dressed immodestly, such that they had to properly clothe themselves to come into the presence of Jesus. Peter denied Christ multiple times, yet Christ built His church on him. Thomas doubted. None of these guys spoke like a Baptist! None of them were politically correct. Simon Peter cut off the guard’s ear in anger with his sword. Paul wrote letters to first century Christians who repeatedly got it wrong. The Hebrew tribe repeatedly walked away from God, yet He retained them as his chosen people.


So if you want to believe that restraining from cursing, or only ever having one wife, or never gambling is going to get you saved, you are sorely mistaken. That is what the Pharisees and Sadducees believed! Get the log out of your eye, and get over the “thrice married, cursing, casino owner” picture that is just too much for you to stomach. Because God’s grace is almighty, and he doesn’t look at this the way you do.

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You are so venomously poisoned against this man because you look at him and all you see is sin! Get over it, you brood of vipers! What the hill do you think God sees when he looks at YOU?


By the way, God has a complex character, doesn’t He? At the same time that he is tough and uses strong men to do His work, He is also full of LOVE! Imagine that! And Donald Trump is kind of the same way. He is tough about standing up for what is right and fair. He is tough about standing up for his people, his fellow Americans. But he also is the ONLY candidate that constantly tells the American people, “I love you!” Who else even talks like that? Who else is tough on his opponents on the one hand while saying he likes them on the other? That is the Donald Trump that Ben Carson sees and is now endorsing!

Donald Trump has had tens of thousands of employees, and there are no lines of hundreds of employees wanting to talk about how he mistreated them. In fact, Trump gets along just as well with the line employees as he does with the executives. He has fed the hungry, and generously helped many people and charities. He has been a tough, but loving father. Does that type of character remind you of anyone from the Bible? It should!


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