Some Christians say that they won’t vote for Donald Trump because they don’t believe he is a Christian, or because he has divorced and remarried, or owned casinos, etc.

001carterIs that really our litmus test as Christian voters? Must we vote only for candidates that are proven Christians? Really? By that litmus test, we would vote for Sunday school teacher Jimmy Carter, who proved to be about the worst president in history. And we would not have voted for the divorced and remarried Hollywood playboy, Ronald Reagan, who ended up being one of the best presidents in history!


Official_Portrait_of_President_Reagan_1981Do Christians ONLY vote for Christians? Do they examine ALL candidates that they vote for, including for the local school board, Sheriff, Coroner, County Commissioner, Mayor, Governor, State Representative, Senators, Congressmen, and Presidents?

No, we need to vote for the most qualified candidate for the job. Many self-proclaimed Christians that know how to talk in a way that engages our Christian sensitivities would actually make terrible presidents!

If you’re selecting a pastor for your church, then it makes sense to find the man that aligns most closely with the Word of God. But if you’re electing a president, it makes sense to elect a man that has the knowledge, capacity, and motivation to do his elected job the best, get things accomplished, and uphold his vow to defend the Constitution, unlike the radical transformer we are suffering under right now!

Christians are supposed to have knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Wisdom would dictate that a candidate does not need to be a pastor to do a good job as the president. Our system of Constitutional government is built on Christian principles and understanding. If a president just actually defends the American way, by default he will be defending our Christian values.

2118425-george_washington_1795Let’s have a little wisdom as Christians, and not expect that our President must have a level of sanctification that we approve of in his personal spiritual life. We just need to defend the values that God already blessed us with as a country back when George Washington dedicated the newly formed country to Jesus Christ!


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