All republics are cyclical with the level of liberality that they contain. They all transform into forms of populist supported Fascism when the levels of corruption and oligarchical manipulation become intolerable. The ultimate straw that breaks the back of republics is schismatic shifting demographics that cause turbulence to social and economic stability.

harvard-courses1That being said, the last 27 years of American politics has been dominated by a class system of WASPs (White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestants, interestingly most connected to Puritan ancestors, Obama included) who expertly portray themselves as diverse egalitarians when in fact they are an exclusive group whose narcissistic
world view despises nationalism and seeks to identify/connect with like minded elites, ultimately using the sweat and sacrifice of their nations working classes to validate their ideological experiments.

imagesThis group of oligarchies should be known as the political class. They maintain order in a number of ways. Most uniquely to our place in time they have, as in any society, bequeathed smatterings of
nuanced training that ingratiates the upper middle class of sub-professionals to their preferred way of thinking, and then these sub-professionals, these products of suburbia and academia then try to ape the oligarchies in vain attempt to win their favor.

Members of the political class play among the rest of America in their youths and adapt heirs of commonality but the reality is they are more privileged then the richest athlete or celebrity. Entrenched as they are currently in American politics, media and finance, having co-opted a celebrity culture as their propaganda machine, they have overreached on a number of occasions.


Most significantly- Bush’s failed wars in the Islamic world and Obama’s nonsensical attempts at radical social change (which went eons beyond the scope of the most extreme of the Gracchi brothers of Ancient Rome and were far less supported by popular mandate) which can only logically be construed as an attempt at solidifying government mastery over the population, something that has never been done in America without a populist mandate.

tumblr_nr8bwouqxh1r55d2io1_500Resulting from this inevitable schism is the logical populist uprising, which until Trump, has been painted by the political class as insane, stupid, and indicative of the vilest stereotypes, most predominately that of southern or rural uneducated whites who are undoubtedly racists and who commit incest.

In their hysteria to not be associated with this stereotype, suburban and cosmopolitan sub-professionals have been more sycophantic to the political class and more hateful of the landed, agricultural or industrial class of whites.


The Bundy Rancher protests and the anathema they received from the media are indicative of this. Therefore, the schism America is currently in is inevitable and future turbulence unavoidable. This is in the shadow of the political class’s late 20th century experiment with leftism, such as LBJ’s great society, unfettered and unsupported institutionalization of civil universal suffrage and civil rights, decades of endless limited wars absent of victory, blind faith in a fiat currency backed economy, maxresdefaultattempts to instantly transform American culture ignoring huge demographics that resist it, and most troubling, an overt rejection and condemnation of the white working class and their valued cornerstones, such as the police and industrial workers, all of this culminating in a populist rejection of the very political class that although it is the oldest in America, has lost touch with America in their desire to feel supremely elite.


Enter the stage Donald Trump. Not entirely a WASP. His grandfather, a German immigrant, made a fortune during the Alaskan Gold rush by running a business in Seattle at the epicenter of the Alaska trade. Returning to NY, he bought property prolifically, which his son, Fred Trump, managed and developed. Fred’s son, Donald, was a slightly troubled teen, straightened out by a military school reputed to have been harsh, and then tested by his father for future worthiness.


His father sent him to run an apartment building in Cincinnati as his rite of passage. Had he failed, his father would not have supported him with a million dollar loan for his first project. Donald did have an advantage, but it wasn’t handed to him. Donald Trump is not the product of breeding, or academia, or any sort of ideology; instead he is the product of rites of passage, something lesser men are envious and even contemptuous of.

tumblr_nd38k0bkwm1s4idj7o1_1280Trump equates success outside of the modern politically correct dogma. Therefore the political class must brand him as a heretic. Many things set him apart from the political class but most significantly he is independently wealthy, not beholden to any institutions or powerful people and least of all is his fortune dependent on the whims of the stock market which often reflect fickle political adventuring.

He is the last of the 19th century class of powerful magnates. He is a man who possesses a fortune beholden to no one and is one who survived taking considerable risks, to bounce back to success. The fact that he has infinitely increased his family fortune and his wealth cannot be refuted. Unlike other republicans, Trump has not attacked the ideology of the left, but rather he has gone for its jugular by attacking the political class.


Also, a highly educated man, he has chosen the vernacular and colloquialisms of the construction workers and housing managers and maintenance men of his estates. He “walks with kings but keeps the common touch” and this has earned him the loyalty of his people who have stood strongly by him under the current political storm.

635779171278451333-ap-gop-2016-state-of-playHis blunt figurative speech has incited venomous anathema by the pretenders to the political class, who are horrified that a white man like them could achieve independent wealth and prestige devoid of the validations and blessing of the informal priests within their culture.

ghckckflvlvAlso, the Obama years have left a ravenous desire for the left to see a political class represented by a non-white and effeminate figure, much like Obama or Hillary Rodham, in order to further disassociate themselves with their white working class, pioneering and immigrant roots – otherwise the political class may eschew them. The presidency of George Bush II fed this desire, as he was a white man who pretended at being strong, brave, strategic, an archetypal American man, and failed miserably to win the wars that he was the architect of.

The mentality of the left to hold white men of substance as hypocrites or pretenders illustrates why the media strongly mocked Trump’s entry onto the political stage and then is still in denial over his popularity. Trump is the living embodiment for the cornerstone of the left’s narrative, one of which the political class falsely adopts, and that is that white male patriarchy is evil and indicative of every form of vice and destruction.

Trump, an obvious and unabashed white male patriarch, is a living condemnation of the left’s cornerstone narrative. Trump is a white man who does not pander to minorities. He is clearly aggressive and independent, and he has a large, happy and successful family, which interestingly and non-traditionally involves two divorces which show no visible disruption to family cohesiveness.

Also, Trump does not feign identity behind any religion, ideology or genre but is overtly comfortable with his own personality and by his own will and skill has not only achieved wealth and fame but raised a remarkable family.

nvmfvmbmbfvhLeast of all, Trump presents himself in the working class bluster that has been constantly demonstrated by the effete political class as being gauche and unsettling. His personae and independence coupled with his extraordinary success is an affront to the leftist narrative, since he – a white male patriarch, has shown a path to happiness and success outside of the left’s dogma.

celebrating-the-scotus-ruling-for-gay-marriage-on-capitol-hillTo the left, for examples of social happiness and stability, they seek homosexual unions and broken homes, state run entities and childless marriages as epitomizing family, all of which show the heterosexual man as a non-entity. The left’s counter-faith which academia has propagated and the entertainment media has exalted is debunked as a parody to the American people by Trump making a serious run for the presidency.

It’s irrelevant to the left, and to the WASP political class whether Trump agrees with them or not. His very existence on the political scene is a threat to them. In effect, Trump will be the end of the WASP/Puritan aristocracy in America. A fitting one given how Trump, a Scott-German, is akin to the overwhelming majority of Continental Soldiers in the War for Independence; Washington’s Army was mostly Scots and Germans.


american-hegemony-world-mapWhere Trump shows true audacity of historical proportion is his willingness to break with the established world order of  American hegemony based on economic manipulation and military intimidation.

The end of the Second World War saw America as the only man left standing. The rest of the world was a wreck. America ensured itself of generations of economic prowess by indebting the industrial nations of the world with the means of its endless supply of invaluable currency. The American Dollar saved the industrial world, and because of the economic arrangements that America designed, forever ensured the dollar as the reserve global currency.

The only challenge to this was the Soviet Union, whose inept Socialist model compounded by Reagan’s arms race, caused it to collapse, further bolstering American hegemony.

vladimir_putin-russian-presidential-press-and-information-officeThe new Russia though, along with other formerly second world countries are able to prosper outside the sphere of American dollar diplomacy. This presents a challenge to America and should they succeed, American dollar value will experience rapid inflation and even greater recession then can be recovered from.

In the modern world, America has to shift to a more resilient economy, one less on a wartime footing and more on a prosperity footing, and this means that it resurrects a more robust industry, trade, and export capability.

_88281624_thinkstockphotos-491523073However the Left, in the form of the Bush era Neocons and the current Democratic Party, disbelieve this occurrence, and nostalgically seek a replay of the cold war where America maintains hegemony by somehow bringing Russia and China to heel with faux attempts at intimidation and profuse propaganda.

Trump recognizes the reality, which is the political class that has led America post Reagan is not strong enough to wield the awesome force that is America, let alone mass its power to achieve American interests. There is no doubt Trump understands this intimately. He purposely chooses to not articulate it in a way that gives the political class and its leftist agitators an opportunity to refute it.

downloadHis focus is the populist message, one which units a mass of voters who have normally not participated in elections out of apathy or disgust. By expressing his realization of the world’s future dynamics in simplistic terms, he unites his base and alienates his detractors, giving his base a common enemy and energizing them. This is utterly a brilliant stratagem, worthy of Washington.


Trump is a man of action who gives less consequence to words. Other men of action appreciate this, but men of words fear it. This quality in Trump is in itself anathema to a political class that only knows and uses words to define themselves and fears action and audacity. They will naturally paint audacity as recklessness.

American history is carved from independent men of audacious action. The idea of an America like that terrifies those who feel they would not be able to survive in that environment.

474234As products of American suburbia who have traded Christianity for simplistic Disney cartoon morality and the false anti-faith of modernism, any notion of the historical and actually mainstream America terrify them, and disrupt the delusion they paint for themselves with Hollywood and the media.

160107101405-01-obama-tears-0107-super-169Those who despise Trump the most are usually the offshoot elements of 20th century immigration class who are not connected with the 19th century pioneer and revolutionary roots, which see those fore-bearers as villains. This group, alienated from religion and disavowing their ethnicity, western traditions and Homeric concepts of virtue in a Faustian trade with the political class’s favor, now know their Obama generated fantasy comes to an end with the ascendancy of Trump, who they will do anything to stop.

Trump calculated this and conducted his approach with clear understanding that any attempt at conciliation, which previous republicans had done, was futile. He is taking the political class head on and letting his actions speak, and this explains the probable Brexit effect that will win him the presidency.

President Trump will take the following actions:

ny-cx453_portjp_p_201403251746161. Restructure American Trade policy to infuse currency into America, rejuvenating its industrial and agricultural base. Possible deflation will occur from this. Pros and cons to this and there will be a power shift from the financial sector to the Industrial. The cosmopolitan sub professionals with their 401Ks will lose but the agricultural and industrial infrastructure will create/expand into a new class. There will be a rejuvenation of small town and rural America not seen since before the depression.

trump-america-first2. American hegemony will no longer be expressed by a duality of bribes in the form of aid and apathetic threats and intimidation. Trump will give the devil his due and deal with foreign powers using Realpolitik, and he will keep his word about putting America first, because this is what non-western powers understand. Currently, they are incredulous at what they see in American policy as hypocritical manipulations, which is actually just stupidity by an effete and waning political aristocracy.

931068d5ddc1052374450332102d0b181b51d66f0b1e71c4aa1a98e719aa8e1f3. Political correctness ends with Trump, as does race baiting and all the social agendas of the left. No one will care about this other than the media and its leftist followers, who depend on Obama’s feckless and nonsensical social agenda to legitimatize their perversities. No nation in history has legitimized degeneracy and mental illness as lifestyles that are forced upon a society to accept, against popular mandate and by court actions.

4. American Military and government apparatus will experience a purge. Trump recognizes its nepotism, corruption and stagnation and is already aligning talent to replace them. He has negotiated corruption in NYC and DC for a life time, he is the best man to purge it.

14650525_344992749186949_1437355822704890048_n5. Most critically he will appoint constitutionalists to the Supreme Court. The political class is ignoring that their leftist agitators risk inciting schism to the point of rebellion should the second amendment be compromised. Also, the use of the IRS to target political adversaries by the Obama Administration has destroyed the credibility of the Government to all who possess reason. The exorbitant and blatant corruption of the Clintons’ followed by the alliance of the Bush dynasty has proven that the last two decades of political leadership has indeed been a farce.

A Trump presidency will see turmoil and schism but will forever destroy the left’s hold on America and this chain reaction will feed Western Europe as well. His presidency will be very liberating for the working and middle class, and resurrect the industrial and agricultural base that is currently dormant in America. His is a natural populist reaction to corruption and over reach, and his family will no doubt become a prominent American Family for generations to come.


About the author: Joseph D. Labarbera has spent 20 years leading military and civilians, Major in the U.S. Army and Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps; published author; successful real estate investor; hobby farmer; competitive pistol/rifle shooter. Masters Degree in National Security Studies from American Military University and Bachelors Of Arts; City University of New York; Command and General Staff College (U.S. Army). U.S. Army Strategist, Space Operations Planner, Military Parachutist.

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