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Anti-Trump interests are spinning their final assaults.  The lies and politics of personal destruction are in full swing.  There are a lot of false attacks, like the claim that Trump is a Crony Capitalist.  REALLY? The fact is, the real cronyists are the ones spinning a WEB OF LIES because they are afraid of the Trump Train that is about to run them over. Trump is the opposite of Crony Capitalism! Here is a primer on Crony Capitalism:

Crony Capitalism is composed of big-money interests that work TOGETHER with big-government to create unfair regulations and benefits that they alone are capable of dealing with and benefiting from. A large industrial concern like General Electric has the resources to maintain a billion-dollar legal department, and can handle a barrage of government regulations. Smaller mom-and-pop factories cannot compete, because they are unable to satisfy the overwhelming barrage of big-government regulations and controls, and they can’t afford the legal expenses of sorting it all out.

Crony CapitalistSo crony capitalism is the partnership of big-money concerns with big-government to ELIMINATE freedom of thought and competition. Indeed, it is an oligarchy! All competition is eliminated at the expense of the consumer, by creating UNFAIR legal hurdles such that only the oligarchists can survive, and by bestowing UNFAIR benefits on those big companies that work closely with the big government. THAT is not capitalism. RATHER, that is Crony Capitalism, and creates an unfair advantage, and unfair profit extortion for those Crony Capitalists that have unfairly eliminated freedom of competition. True capitalism keeps the government OUT of the way, eliminates government intrusion into the marketplace of ideas, allowing the free market of thoughts and actions to compete freely to bring the most desirable innovations to market for consumers at the most competitive market-determined prices.

TrumpON THE CONTRARY, Donald Trump and his company are NOT crony capitalists. He is largely a real estate developer. He specializes in ADDING VALUE through innovation and competition. He has created a competitive BRAND that exudes EXCELLENCE and high quality and desirability. He develops market-driven projects and competitively asserts his brand in the free marketplace of ideas and competition. His company battles and fights daily for customers in the arena of free trade.

He takes calculated risks, and sometimes he wins, and sometimes he loses. That is PRECISELY how capitalism works! He is alive and well today simply because he has the good judgement and performance to win more than he loses!

His company is successful, but he is just one of tens of thousands of real estate developers. He has had to kiss politicians’ butts and contribute to their causes just to have the opportunity of getting his projects approved by regulation-focused big-government bureaucrats, and to create projects and job security for his employees. He has NOT blocked competing businesses from being real estate developers. He has NOT cooperated with Congress or participated in writing legislation to eliminate competition and give himself an unfair advantage supported by crony capitalist big-government legislation and control.

Indeed, as a business, Donald Trump’s business has been the ANTITHESIS of crony capitalism. He has personally felt the crushing hand of government control and incompetence, and can’t wait to get government the hell out of capitalism and free up the great people of the country to innovate and make America great again!

CronySo the TRUE CRONY CAPITALISTS are Trump opponents! They are desperately scrambling to change the reality and control the messaging now at the last minute before the important upcoming elections.

One of the biggest cronyists that funded the anti-Trump attack on behalf of the GOP establishment during the Primary Election was the infamous KOCH BROTHERS. They are actually true Crony Capitalists. They are deep in bed with government in the oil industry. They rival the power of a political party when it comes to controlling elections. They fund the Republicans and control the conservative base, but have been sleeping with Obama and provide protective cover for progressive social doctrine. That’s how they work. They are dumping 4 million gallons per day of polluted water into a Florida river from their Georgia Pacific pulp operation without issue, because they control the entire Republican political machine in Florida.

AFirednd they have financed the anti-Trump attack machine to the tune of tens of millions of dollars! YES – TENS OF MILLIONS! Their goal is nothing less than to turn the election and CONTROL the next president of the free world. As Crony Capitalists, the LAST thing they want is to have Trump elected. Because Trump KNOWS who they are and what their game is, and Trump will do what he needs to do for the good of the American people. And he is not beholden to THEM and the other Cronyists! And their Crony Capitalist money and influence will not mean anything to a Trump Administration. Their power gig is almost over. And they are sweating it. BIG TIME!

trainIn conclusion, don’t fall for the twisted message that the anti-Trump interests are spinning. Stay on the Trump Train. It is our only hope to kill the machine that has brought our country to the terrible brink of disaster. We have been given this ONE hope to take down the machine.

If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always got.

It’s time to stop propping up the political machine. It’s time to do away with the control of the smooth-talking attorneys with their “Esquire” titles of nobility that were never anticipated by our founding fathers to rule over us. The lawyer politicians talk smoothly, debate like champs, and are experts at formulating “messaging.” BUT THEY NEVER CHANGE ANYTHING OR GET ANYTHING DONE! Trump GETS THINGS DONE!


We have, by the grace of God, been granted this one small chance to turn the tide of political correctness that has destroyed our land and even destroyed our ability to recognize the Truth and the true culprits. We have this one small chance to actually KILL THE MACHINE, to kill the crony capitalist budget-sucking beast that is bankrupting us economically while it bankrupts us morally. The Koch Brothers will continue to do as crony capitalists always do – they will control the message to define what a “real conservative” is – and it’s not good!

Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate that will make a difference for the people of this land. He is the only one that will stand for the true original conservative principles as envisioned by the wisdom of our founding fathers, and anchor us strongly in the unfettered competitive capitalism that made us great to begin with, and that will make America great again!

Stand with Trump. You will be safe here!

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