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hounds_of_hell_final_by_davesrightmind-d5iult1Recently, Marco Rubio announced that the GOP would unleash the Hounds of Hell on Donald Trump to prevent him from being elected.  REALLY?  We know that the GOP establishment has sunk to new levels of conspiracy and evil, but do they actually control the Hounds of Hell now?  What a claim of Satanic power by a “Christian” candidate!

Just joking.  But these are the same people that accuse Trump of having a bad tone!

So we expect that based on what we’ve been hearing that they will use every option at their disposal.  Every dirty trick will be fair game for them.  The end will justify the means.  It’s all being done in the name of God!  Actually, that’s very sad.

Trump President
Donald Trump will be attacked like no other candidate in history!

To start with, we expect they’ll continue to unleash hundreds of millions of dollars of attack ads. Money to attack Trump will flow from a seemingly endless supply of crony capitalist Super PAC money. The ads will be brutal. They will lie, exaggerate, mislead, and misrepresent everything about Trump – past, present, and future. They will paint a picture of him as evil as the Antichrist himself.

Certain GOP establishment figures have promised that if Donald Trump wins 49% of the votes, and comes up even just ONE delegate short of the required number, that they will fight to stop him and replace him with a candidate of their choice through a brokered convention process. Technically that is possible for them to do. And it’s easier for them if he’s short by dozens of delegates.

ap_mitt_romney_ll_120823_wgThere have even been whispers that the man they might choose to represent the Republican party in the general election might be Mitt Romney.  And if the GOP establishment wants to truly unleash the Hounds of Hell on Donald, they could fight to nominate Romney instead of supporting Trump as their elected front runner.

If they actually do such a dastardly deed and replace Donald with another candidate and force him out, what would happen? Well, Donald would have a perfect case to claim that the GOP failed to hold up its end of the candidates’ agreement to support the front runner.  If the GOP breaks the contract, that would free Trump to run on a third party ticket as an independent.

And even if Donald Trump wins the nomination at the Republican convention, these Hounds of Hell are pledged to continue the fight. Their final gambit would be to put up a third party independent candidate of their own choice as the preferred candidate of the GOP establishment. They would literally support a non-Republican candidate over a Republican nominated Donald Trump!

But will the Hounds of Hell be able to stand up against a Legion of Angels? Because it appears that everything that the GOP establishment tries is NOT working.  Will this actually come down to a battle between good and evil?legion of Angels

Hmmm … this could get very, very interesting.  If Donald Trump could actually win the presidency on a third party ticket, that could permanently alter the political landscape.  It could effectively end the monopoly of the two-party system and introduce a permanent third party. Many patriots have called for that for decades, but it never seemed possible. Maybe it could happen?

Here’s a question for you?  Would you vote for Trump even if he ended up running as an independent?  Take the poll below and let’s see how loyal Trump supporters actually are:

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Thank you for voting in the poll, and may the Legion of Angels triumph over the Hounds of Hell!  Amen!

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