Since 1973, with Roe V Wade, we haven’t made a dent in abortion, even with a Republican House, Senate, Supreme Court and President, sometimes all at the same time!  So what have all the politicians been able to accomplish – a big fat ZERO.

My prediction – in the first 2 years of a Trump administration, we will AT MINIMUM get a ban on 3rd trimester abortions.  AND IT WILL ACTUALLY GET DONE FOR A CHANGE!  As well as saving our country from outright economic destruction, if that is even possible at this point.


Some Trump-bashers have expressed a concern for what Trump would do with power.  Well, I suggest to you that we already know – because he already has great power.  And he brings people together and GETS THINGS ACCOMPLISHED.  He has tasted power and knows what it feels like.  He doesn’t need to be the president.  He could buy the president if he wanted to.  On the other hand, I am very concerned with what young guys like Rubio and Cruz would do if they were to gain access to the levers of power. They will have finally ARRIVED.  And like a child with a new toy, they would be young men with new-found power and influence.  I am afraid they need more wisdom to handle that.  They need to go back in the incubator for a few decades and let their wisdom catch up with their theology.

New HampshireSCNevada
Trump has 25% of blacks supporting him.  35% of Hispanics.  He literally swept every demographic group in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada based on income, education level, race, sex, age, religion, everything.  Democrats have changed parties to become Republicans so they could vote for Trump. Independents are turning to him.  He has a majority of Tea Party voters.  He has the evangelicals.  He rates high with both Catholics and Protestants.  He beat Governors and Senators IN THEIR OWN STATES!  Phylis Shafley, Sarah Palin, Pastor Jeffres, Jerry Falwell Jr, and a host of other pastors – not bad endorsements.  An increasing field of politicians and national figures are endorsing him. He even gets friendly overtures from Netanyahu, Putin, and other world-stage leaders.  He has negotiated deals and met with heads of state in Qatar, South Korea, Scotland, and countries all over 6 continents. Then there’s the media that works to attack him, yet he manages to get them to consider and debate every one of his utterances.  Black pastors pray over him.

I can’t wait to see congress get stuff done as he motivates them and brings them together to get things accomplished.  And Congress WILL get stuff done, because Trump will appeal directly to the voters, their constituents, and they will need to move forward to preserve their own position with their constituents.

For once, I look forward to someone that isn’t just a yacking politician.  Rather, Trump will keep us moving in a high-energy whirlwind of GETTING STUFF DONE!  He won’t stop or hesitate because of opposition.  He won’t be paralyzed by the fear of political correctness.  He won’t be held back by notions of what CAN’T be done.  He will GET IT DONE! Just like he has in his business, on six continents!  There is no holding back the tornado of action that is Donald Trump.


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