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Even Jesus Christ and his Disciples attacked the Pharisees and Sadducees! New Testament phrases like “den of vipers” comes to mind. If there ever was a den of vipers, it’s the professional politicians that have taken America apostate! We need to call a snake a snake.

The political correctness that has been slowly imposed on us for three generations, like a frog in boiling water, has taken us to the point where we can’t even face reality any more. The pendulum must swing far in the other direction to free us from this slavery to correctness.

Trump is fighting a cultural/political war for the future of America. He has to shake up the Tree of Liberty and get the masses to stand up and say, “we’re not gonna take it anymore!” That’s not accomplished by displaying some socially acceptable version of pansy-assed deceptive Christianity. This involves getting back to real first-century Christianity where we call a brood of vipers for what they are!

Let the pendulum swing!

As part of this anti-correctness revolution, Donald Trump actually embraces the 15 non-negotiable core beliefs of the Tea Party, which was formed as a revolutionary movement in its own right!  And he also embraces the revolutionary spirit of the original Tea Party – The Boston Tea Party.  Can you believe that we revolted against overbearing government taxation over a 2% tax on a hot beverage, and the beverage WASN’T EVEN COFFEE!  What happened to us that we allowed the POLITICIANS to so dominate our lives and accomplish ZERO?Tea Party

My friend, if we don’t get rid of the political correctness, life as we know it in this country is done.  The standards for cursing are self-imposed standards of socio-cultural righteousness.  They are not biblical standards and they won’t get you saved.  And they aren’t equally applied. Liberals can say whatever they want.  But Conservatives are now stuck in a 1984 Orwellian-speak that denies them the ability to openly identify Truth or even the enemy for what it is.

Trump must break the political correctness before it can be rebuilt.  And people understand that.  The emphatic revolutionary language is what is needed at this place and time.

Trump2When Trump says he is going to bomb the Hell out of ISIS, that is not corrupt communication.  That is emphatic communication that is actually edifying to the needs of the hearer as observed by the great cheers that go up from the crowd of conservatives that hear it.  We must defend our faith from the demonic force of Satanic Islam that is sneaking in our back door and taking our children and denying our God.  There is no curse word that is too strong or emphatic to engage this concept.  There is no curse word that is NOT edifying for the need.

Even calling a man a “pussy” is fair in this all-out war if it sheds light on a man that is not an upstanding man, but as lowly as a sexual organ.  If we call a spade a spade, and prevent a terrible, lying, big government, establishment false prophet from assuming control of the free world and cooperating with the powers of the New World Order that would be our destruction, then we have properly identified him for what he is, and the emphasis is not wasted.

We MUST get to the point where we can call a spade a spade AGAIN!

The pendulum MUST swing before it gets centered again.  We live in a fallen world.  My friend, none of this that we endure is how it was meant to be.  But in this world, we need to use the language that makes our point at this time.  However, we must NOT speak, per Ephesians 4:29, corrupt language that corrupts the glory of Christ, or perverts His meaning or message, or usurps His Godhead, or denies His power, or calls upon another god, or engages in animism, or ingratiates Lucifer, or grieves the Holy Spirit, or worships idolatry, or glorifies sin.

The liberal left and the conservative right have both imposed an overly simplistic definition of “corrupt” language that is based on our socio-cultural definition of righteousness, but denies and ignores the real corruption in our lives that God is speaking to.

As Trump has said, other candidates complain in a silly way about his “tone” while Christians are getting their heads chopped off!

There are numerous apocalyptic scenarios with terrorism, an EMP attack,  Islamification,  North Korea, and much more!

We need a strong leader that can at least give us a fighting chance to save life as we know it.  We have been continuing as a country in a hopeless direction since the 1960’s (or before).  Do you really think that Hilary Clinton has what it takes to deal effectively with Putin, the Ayatollah, China, drug cartels, corporate inversion, trade imbalance, etc., etc., etc.  Give me a break.


Trump is indeed the expert in making deals.  With our national debt, we are already DONE.  We can only hope that Trump will run the country like a corporation, and POSSIBLY save our final decline to oblivion now at the 11th hour.  And if it’s too late, then we’re really electing the man that will oversee the final hours of our country.  Do you think Hillary Clinton is that person?

Trump may very well be a last gift to us from God to lead us through the final throes on this Earth without America having to experience the very worst possible fate that could befall it.


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