Trump exemplifies real executive leadership and is foundationally grounded and focused on the most vital issues affecting America at this time and place.

Say what's right!

Trump has modified some views over the past decades, and even on important topics, and even recently.  Some people feel that means that they can’t trust what he says.  I respect that.  But I believe that Donald Trump TRULY loves America, believes in American Exceptionalism, and believes that the reason for that exceptionalism is our Christian heritage, which I believe he is sincere about defending.

prise_de_la_bastilleI believe he is action-oriented and will get things done.  Others are mostly good at talking a good game, but are poor at execution.  Some of the worst accusations against Trump, such as his friendships with people on the left, will actually prove to be strengths that he will have to unite people of different backgrounds.

I believe that if we don’t get our economic house in order, nothing else will matter. That’s the most important voting issue. Only Trump represents the hope to fix that, if it’s even possible at this late time. Only Trump displays the boldness and presence to reverse a half-century of economic slide.

refugees-marchingI believe that Islamification and uncontrolled illegal immigration represent the second most important challenge to our continued existence as a country.  And I believe that again, Trump is our best hope.

Will Trump stop abortions or gay marriage?  Well technically, as President, he is only capable of signing or vetoing legislation that comes before him on these matters.  So we need evangelical leaders with great focus on these core conservative issues to stay in Congress and do battle THERE where these issues are actually handled and asserted in the Legislative Branch.

donald_trump_oval_office4But Donald’s strength is as a Chief Executive of the Executive Branch, from where he will propose annual budgets, oversee military spending, sign legislation that Obama would have vetoed, run the Executive branch like a fine-tuned business, reduce waste, promote policies for economic growth, engage in better deals, eliminate useless government agencies, bring jobs and money back to our country, reduce overbearing statutory overreaches, get the best talent in place, remove useless government hacks, return America to basic common sense leadership, motivate executive branch employees to excel, and motivate the American people to strive for excellence.  Can Hillary Clinton do all that!  Lol.

cronyism-out-of-controlI don’t believe any of the other candidates would have been as qualified to accomplish executive success, nor would they have been as effective at rallying and unifying America to do so.  Trump represents the essence of TRUE capitalism. The other candidates were largely a product of what has evolved into a failed system of crony-capitalism driven over-reach that has greatly harmed our country, our liberty, and our freedom.

PRICELESSWhile other republican candidates may have recited the Constitution and mentioned it in every speech, Trump actually understands and incorporates the true essence of American exceptionalism, in the same way that the founding fathers understood it when they wrote the document. While others
are busy talking about constitutional idealism, Trump will actually bring it beyond fantasizing, and get SOMETHING accomplished.

I believe that Trump has already assumed the General Election win, and is already setting the stage for a successful presidency in which ALL the American people will ultimately come on-board to support improving our country.

Trump is very smart and is already setting the table in strength for his actual presidency, and how foreign leaders will expect to deal with him.  Trump is strategically 7 chess moves ahead of all the other candidates, and is already plotting the pathway to American exceptionalism in ways that he could never share at this time, because if he did, Hillary would just steal his talking points and prematurely attack his ideals.

I believe that what constitutes “conservativism” has largely been determined by people that have no right to say that they represent conservativism.  For example, is there room for gay marriage in a conservative country?  Maybe?  Depends how it’s formulated.  I don’t want to go into it here and now, but that’s another area to study deeply.  Marriage is sacred as an institution, but not necessarily a sacred English word.  dwpremierestillI think that dogmatic approaches on both sides are fruitless, and in fact are largely distractions for us to be divided as a people, while through the smoke and mirrors the real evil agenda is being foisted on us without any attention at all.  Look out for what the magician is doing with the OTHER hand!

Trump has proven to be a master at Common Senseidentifying real important issues that no one else is looking at.  There’s more to conservativism than gay marriage and abortion.  Although I will not diminish the utter evil of abortion.  But we may have to reverse the frog in boiling water that has gotten us where we are by pragmatically cooling the pot instead of by flooding it with dogmatic ice!

Almost 80% of the Republicans in the country now feel the same way that I do, thanks to the candidacy of Donald J. Trump.  And so do a lot of the Independents and Democrats too. We need real leadership at this time and place, with a focus on saving civilization as we know it, and getting our house in order.

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