I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone catch the impact of this little segment of Mitt Romney’s attack speech against Donald Trump:

ap_mitt_romney_ll_120823_wgRomney said, “Watch, by the way, how he (Trump) responds to my speech today. Will he talk about our policy differences? Or will he attack me with every imaginable low road insult? This may tell you what you need to know about his temperament, his stability and his suitability to be president.”

Romney idiotWe must stop and THINK to understand the hypocrisy of that statement. Mitt Romney came out and delivered a nationally advertised and broadcast speech
specifically trashing Donald Trump with one insult after another. He lied about Trump. He misrepresented things Trump has said. For 17 non-stop minutes, he called him names and attacked his character in the most obnoxious, venomous ways he could. He read attack-after-attack from the Teleprompters that dictated the well-scripted assault that an office full of speech writers and would-be comedians conspired to spew. It was truly a scripted 17-minute anti-Trump attack advertisement that was national advertised and then carried by every television network on cue.

fviu6vrkitrDonald Trump has spent the past year travelling the country in a whirlwind of high-energy activity, virtually changing the landscape of modern politics and the discussions of national importance. And Mitt Romney comes out of the dustbin of history expecting that Donald Trump should even respond to anything he has to say? REALLY?

And to top it all off, Romney asked, “Will he (Trump) talk about our policy differences?”

ABSURDITY! Mitt Romney spent 17 minutes politically assassinating Trump’s character with unsubstantiated lies and subterfuge, and he’s trying to set the expectation that somehow Trump’s response should be to debate him based on his POLICIES?

As Trump would say, “Give me a break!”

Even if Romney actually HAD made a 17-minute speech about his own policies, who does he think that he is to expect that Trump must address his policies? In this campaign, Trump is expected to address the policy differences that he has with THE OTHER CANDIDATES! There is no expectation that he should debate policy differences with a previous election loser that has no current standing in this election!

Why would Romney even EXPECT that Trump should address policy differences between himself and Romney? UNLESS if Romney was actually CONSIDERING himself as a presumptive candidate that would be running against Trump in the election.  That is the only context in which a side-by-side evaluation of policy positions would make any sense. Short of that, there’s not even a valid context for Trump to even contemplate talking about policy differences he may have with Romney!

So, was this a Freudian slip? Does this contextual clue reveal the real hidden agenda behind Romney’s tirade? Does he indeed see a possible pathway to the presidency in a brokered convention that would allow him to walk away with it all, without having to go through the ragged task of earning it? Have the Hounds of Hell in the elitist establishment turned to Romney with a conspiratorial plan to take Trump down even at the very end after Trump wins it all?

NWOI suppose that having such a great prize handed to Romney like that would be enough to make a “godly” man like Romney turn on Donald Trump, the very man that supported him in the past. Romney apparently would throw all loyalty for Donald out the window in return for having the presidency handed to him by the power-brokers of the Crony capitalist oligarchy.

And given the fact that Romney spent the equivalent of a 17-minute commercial assaulting Trump’s character on every level, wouldn’t there actually be every expectation that Trump would respond in kind?

Romney asked, “Will he attack me with every imaginable low road insult?”

And the answer is, “He’d be a fool not to! You deserve it! You goaded him ON PURPOSE in an unprovoked attack of the most personal and venomous nature! You ripped his character apart and bullied him in ways that would make a schoolyard bully look like a guardian angel.”

RomneyMitt Romney, you just unleashed the Hounds of Hell on Donald Trump. You called him names and personally attacked him and acted like a bully, all while you hypocritically accused Trump of calling names, engaging in personal attacks and acting like a bully.

Who is the bully, Mr. Romney?

GiantWell, Mitt Romney. Be forewarned! Even if the power brokers of the GOP establishment manage to manipulate the Republican convention such that you are selected as the Republican nominee, YOU WILL NOT WIN!

Because the Sleeping Giant has awakened.

We are going to make our country great again!

We’re not going to put up with enslaving political correctness anymore!

We’re tired of politicians that are all talk and never get anything done!

Take itWe’re fed up with the political wolves leading us in the paths of destruction as they enslave us and bankrupt our futures for our children and grandchildren!

And we’re not gonna take it anymore!

We’re tired of big speeches with flowery words and ideas that never result in anything substantial!

America is on the verge of a revolution!

RevolutionA Trump revolution!

And even if you manage to eviscerate Donald Trump from every ballot in the country, and even if you physically assassinate him, WE WILL STILL ELECT HIM AS PRESIDENT BY HANDWRITING HIS NAME ON EVERY BALLOT WE CAST!

You don’t get, do you? We’d rather elect the spirit of a dead Trump than elect a living Romney!

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