SalesmanTed Cruz’s voice is starting to grind on me. It’s like he’s whining and talking down his nose at you at the same time.  I’m starting to have a contest to see how many times he mentions the Constitution, conservative, grass roots, and Ronald Reagan in a minute.  Nice subjects, but we need someone who is more qualified than a hated and despised college debate team champion.  I’m not trying to be mean.  But mark my words – his mannerisms are starting to turn people off.  His personality is just plain not appealing.

Here’s the thing.  Many of the things that people attribute to Trump are actually things he said/did as long as 2 or 3 decades ago.  Heck, back then, Cruz and Rubio were still just kids.  The so-called thrice-married mogul is now 70 years old, and has been married to the same woman for over a decade, which places him in the top 50% of married couples for marriage longevity.

In the end, a lot boils down to who you trust, and who you’re willing to give grace to for their evolving positions and past inconsistencies.  DadIt boils down to that personal feeling that you have when you look into a man’s eyes as he speaks.  How does he stack up against all the other interpersonal experiences that you’ve had in your lifetime?  Does he remind you of someone you love, like your own dad? Can you identify with the way he talks, with his communication style, with his logic, with his common sense?

This is really a very personal thing.

Every person has their own personal reaction to other people.  And like I identified above, Ted Cruz just viscerally turns me off, and I feel like he is a phony liar and a non-principled twit.  And nobody can convince me to feel otherwise, because that’s how I FEEL.  And arguments and arm-twisting will not remove my FEELINGS from the equation.

Debate2When I see Cruz, I’m turned off and repulsed.

When I see Rubio, I’m turned off and disgusted.

When I see Bush, I’m turned off and feel sorry for him.

When I see Carson, I’m not turned off, but I don’t feel like he’s a great leader.

When I see Kasich, I’m not turned off, but he’s not dynamic, and he’s nice, but just blah.

When I see Trump, I identify with him. I see strength – not fake strength like Cruz tries to demonstrate by ACTING tough, but REAL strength.  I see proven leadership.  I see business savvy.  I see worldly wisdom.  I see street smarts.  I see brand excellence.  I see a guy that surrounds himself with successful people and gets his best ideas from listening to what they say. I see a man that believes in American exceptionalism.  I see a man that exudes success and confidence.  I see a man that has a great friendly affect.  I see a man that I PLAINLY TRUST.


So obviously that’s how I FEEL.

And others have their favorite candidate, and they apply their own emotional filter to their own candidate who they love, and to others that they don’t, including Donald Trump.

But for me and my house, we FEEL GOOD about Donald Trump!


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