SAN DIEGO, CA - JUNE 02: Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers a national security address on June 2, 2016 in San Diego, California. With less than one week to go before the California presidential primary, Hillary Clinton delivered a major national security address as she campaigns in Southern California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

By Thomas Ertl
National Media Director
Christians for Donald Trump


Republicans, conservatives, and Evangelical Christians have the ability to change the future of their country by electing the American nationalist, Donald Trump, as president. If these three constituency groups do not respond for Trump at the polls they will have to face the reality of their greatest nightmare, Hillary Clinton as president.

With Election Day a few weeks out, a looming fear is stirring among conservatives – and even some moderates – that a 60’s revolutionary with a Marxist worldview could actually become president of the United States.

The fears can be seen in commentaries and opinion pieces including ones found in the Wall Street Journal, Lou Dobbs, and other corporate mainstream publications. The rumbling of unrest can also be felt in middle tiers of the military and inside federal agencies among patriotic men and women in government service.

189558It has a feeling of a national security crisis – the thought of giving over control of the government to a destructive radical who would seek to significantly alter the country.

Imagining Hillary Clinton as president is not a pleasant thought and need not occur. But, given the possibility, Americans need, before Election Day, to understand the reality of what four – or really eight years – of Hillary Clinton would mean for the country?


imagesHillary Clinton as president is Hillary Clinton with final authority; Hillary Clinton without constraints. She no longer will have to exercise patience and hold back as she has done previously as the wife of a governor, as first lady, and as secretary of state under a president.

As president, she can govern with confidence that the Supreme Court and federal courts will not restrain her agenda. A weak Republican opposition of Paul Ryan and his cohort Mitch McConnell, combined with an adoring press, will give her complete freedom to act.

alinsky-clintonHillary’s political and personal history show extreme contempt for people. Her Alinsky/communist training comes with the conviction that ideology rules and people are expendable. She will be true to her training and govern with a contempt for the American people. The public record is clear on the abusive way she treats her dedicated staff and the contempt she has shown for her secret service detail. This is her personal history.

Steve Baldwin, former California legislator and executive director of the Council on National Policy sums it up:

2fc7d3ba00000578-3384156-power_couple_hillary_clinton_has_been_first_lady_a_u_s_senator_a-a-12_1451957469388“This is not just another election. America is at the tipping point in all the ways described above. Hilary has dreamed of this role her entire life and her writings reveal an incredible thirst for power. Indeed, 30 years of researching Hillary confirms she will do anything to obtain power and once in power, she will do everything to destroy her opponents.”

Baldwin also writes:

surviving-a-business-tax-audit“Moreover, Hillary will use the power of the federal government to harass and intimidate anyone who stands in the way of her agenda. Voters have forgotten that during Bill Clinton’s presidency, enemies of the regime were audited by the IRS and harassed by numerous other agencies, all instigated by First Lady Hillary Clinton. This time around, it will be worse; Hillary will use the IRS, DOJ, DHS, EPA, EEOC, BLM, OSHA, and numerous other agencies to harass churches, property owners, small business owners, Christian schools, gun owners, tea party members, ranchers, cattle farmers, and other groups that refuse to cooperate with her big government, socialist agenda. That is what she has always done and will do again. Hillary does not see government as a collection of agencies performing work on behalf of the taxpayers; rather she sees government as a vehicle by which she rewards friends and punishes enemies.”

auction-gavel-hpmtks-clipartShe will use every federal agency and the federal court system to destroy her opponents. Her attorney general will be her great crusader in ruthless fashion using the office’s unlimited prosecutorial authority to go across the land attacking all of her political enemies.


Let’s look at some of what would be coming under Hillary’s reign.


14650525_344992749186949_1437355822704890048_nClinton could appoint up to four Supreme Court judges in her first term: Scalia (open), Ginsb
court to the very far Left with a six to three advantage.

In Obama’s two terms he has appointed 394 federal judges. Currently there are 103 federal judicial vacancies. Clinton, combined with Obama’s appointees, will have a dominant influence in the federal courts for years to come.

FREEDOM OF THE PRESSmedia_indoctrination

The new people’s press, the alternative media, will come under severe attack in a Clinton administration. She will go beyond invented “hate crime” laws to outright banning of the alternative press. She will work in conjunction with the UN to censor her opposition’s use of the internet.


migrants-crowds-cross-into-slovenia-getty-640x480Clinton will follow Obama’s example of flooding the country with third world immigrants. With the support
of her courts she will vastly increase Obama’s numbers and she will strategically place these illegal immigrants in conservative areas and suburbs to destroy the social order.

The courts will support her orders for a general amnesty of current illegal aliens. All of this will be done with a massive voter registration drive for the Democratic Party.


bible-fireHillary’s greatest of enemies has been Christian people and organizations. She will be ruthless towards the Church. She will go well beyond forcing homosexual rights in the Church, attacking the pulpit and content of sermons, and forcing immoral regulations on Christian schools.


1401544201327-cachedClinton will never be able to pass anti-gun legislation so she will use executive orders to restrict gun ownership and use. She will order federal agencies to increase public raids on individual gun owners and use her courts to harass the same.


fcc7oyShe will continue the economic policies of the Obama administration which is a Wall Street profit center policy. Much of her and Bill’s wealth and support have come from Wall Street and international investment banks to which she is beholden.

Industry will continue to leave the country and the economic decline will further pinch the American worker. We will continue to watch the downward slide of the middle class.


ISIS-execute-police-and-soldiers-in-open-fieldClinton’s very pro-Islamic beliefs and policies will advance the growth of Islam and terrorism in the country. Her worldview of creating conflict and offering government solutions will be her reason to bring in more radicalized Islamic immigrants

In her battle against Christianity, she will promote Islam by greatly increasing Muslim immigration. A growing number of minarets will dot American city skylines.


new_world_order_map_by_kazi2000-d3awvs8The international conflicts that have been started with Clinton as Secretary of State will continue – and escalate. Hillary’s tie to the global establishment will continue to use the US military to force additional conflicts.


poder-seo1One of the worst things a Clinton administration could foist on America would be a war with Russia. As Secretary of State and as a candidate, Hillary has routinely agitated Russia and Putin. From her track record, is it obvious she will further inflame the delicate military situations in Syria and Ukraine.
Both her war agenda and her foreign policy will be conducted from behind the scenes by her globalist controllers.


rtx9r37-1024x757To Republicans, conservatives, and evangelicals: By withholding your vote to American nationalist Donald Trump you have made the path much easier for Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States. Is this what you really want?


Trump has done what the Republican Party would have called impossible. He has taken a large section of blue-collar workers’ loyalty away from the Democratic Party that has controlled them for most of the last 80 years. His appeal has brought a massive new group of middle- to lower-class Americans into the fold as newly registered Republicans.


This ONLY could have happened with a Trump candidacy and his nationalistic message. It has presented an unbelievable opportunity for the Republican Party to become the permanent majority party. Four to eight years of a Trump presidency could leave the Democratic Party with an eroding base of fringe, radical elements.

Are you going to let this once-in-a-100-year opportunity slip away by not voting for Trump? There will be no going back to the status quo. Hillary’s coming flood of registered illegal and non-citizen voters will put the Republican Party into permanent minority status.


Trump at this time is not the constitutionalist that conservatives would like; nor does he have the purest conservative ideology. The good news is that his nationalist positions are mostly consistent with the conservative policy agenda.


Fellow conservative, do you not see that we are experiencing in America and the West, a massive movement of nationalism? This movement of the last few years is much bigger than any candidate and is something for which life-long conservatives have been hoping for decades. Trump’s “Americanism not globalism” zeroes in on the heart of the issues, giving a name and identity to the global oligarchy that is the real anti-God and anti-sovereign America enemy of the republic. Trump’s movement is creating a pushback against the ruling Establishment, which is key to securing the restoration of our American republic. This anti-Establishment movement is a gift for those who have worked in conservative politics, a gift we never saw coming.

Conservatives, are you willing to withhold your vote for Trump, allowing Hillary Clinton to terminate this historic American awakening that we may never see again? Should we not seize the moment and capture this unique opportunity? The movement, the awakening, is much bigger than Trump, and is the future of conservatism.


As a fellow Evangelical, I can understand some of your reservations about Trump. We’ve been trained to emphasize the importance of character and biblical morality. Unfortunately, we have squandered the “Christian” America of our past. Today, we usually face a choice between two flawed candidates. To demand morally impeccable candidates means, in effect, you will never vote.

The video release of the Trump/Billy Bush conversation was a planned psyop by the Establishment to pull the Evangelical leadership and vote away from Trump. Many took the bait to their own demise.

Christian, do not go down the trail of our weak and cowardly leaders like Russell Moore, Al Mohler, John MacArthur, John Piper, and Max Lucado, who are more concerned about their own reputations than for the future of the country. Added to these faint of heart is the anti-Trump editorial boards of World Magazine and Christianity Today who have greatly aided the campaign of the radical anti-Christian Hillary Clinton. If Clinton becomes president these misguided leaders, who are clueless to the consequences of their actions, will be held responsible.


However, in contrast, there are many courageous, highly respected Christian leaders standing strong for the Trump/Pence ticket such as James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Jerry Falwell Jr., Wayne Grudem, Pat Robertson, James Robison, Eric Mataxes, and Steve Strang.

I would encourage you to vote for the one who would be best for your family, your children’s future, the Church, and the country. As a Christian, you must consider your own faith and self-interest.

Not voting for the superior candidate, Trump, is to give the White House to the radical anti-Christian Hillary Clinton, and put in jeopardy everything we as Christians hold dear. Do you really want to hand over the Supreme Court and federal courts to Hillary’s appointed judges who will continue the practice of killing the unborn and repealing our Christian liberties?

Christian, is your conscience so sensitive it cannot tolerate Trump’s language, but the same conscience is not convicted of the need to stop an adamant anti-Christian, pro-abortion presidential candidate? Are Trump’s character issues, tone, and language more important than the future of your children, Church, and country?


The country is heading down the final stretch of a volatile presidential election season; a season unlike any other in American political history.

downloadWhat makes it totally unique is the fact that an outlier candidate, Donald Trump, has made it through the Establishment gauntlet of media, financial power and political party control. Furthermore, his courageous strategy has been to attack the global governance Establishment. This is unprecedented in our lifetime. It’s hard to believe what we have witnessed in the last 18 months in Trump’s breakthrough and massive national popularity.

Since Reagan, conservatives have had to suffer through presidential races in which both candidates were Establishment picks – until 2015 and the coming of Donald Trump.

Call his candidacy a miracle, call it whatever you want, it presents a once-in-half-a-century or more opportunity for the people of the United States to take back the control of their government and financial system from the ruling global Establishment that has brought us to a state of national ruin.


This political opportunity can give the American people again a true functioning democracy in a renewed American republic.

Republicans, conservatives, Evangelical Christians, do you not see this? Do you not see this tremendous opportunity you have been given?

man_file_1062592_black-girl-hillary-clinton-1Voting third party or abstaining to vote for Trump is an indirect vote for Hillary Clinton by denying Trump the margin needed for victory. This fact is simple election math. Friend, lay down your personal dislikes and issues for the American nationalist and do the right thing on November 8th. Do it for your children’s future, for your Christian faith, and for your country.

© 2016 Thomas Ertl – All Rights Reserved

Tom Ertl is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local Presbyterian Church (PCA). For over three decades Tom has worked with various Christian political organizations, including Freedom Council in the 80s. He is a former member of The Council For National Policy and has sat on various Christian ministry and political boards. He is also a publisher of Christian historical and theological works and is a columnist for NewsWithViews.



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