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A Shift to Despotism: How Clinton Presidency Would be the Catalyst

Hillary will complete the implementation of the New World Order You may have heard it said that if Hillary wins this election, that’s the end of America. What Hillary Clinton ultimately represents may sound somewhat extreme, however it is true. There is a window in...

HILLARY: There’s One Sin God Will Hold You Accountable For Even If You Don’t Do It Yourself.

Some Christians are on the fence about who to vote for.  Here's God's choice! They don't know who to vote for. They say that there's no difference between Clinton and Trump.  They say both candidates are bad and God would not approve of either one. We beg...

Bad Priorities – The Greater Issues for the Christian Right and Time for a Course Correction

By TheShofar Donald Trump met in New York City on June 21 2016 with a group of evangelical leaders including Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Tim Wildmon, and James Dobson, among others.  Some of these leaders have continued a campaign to do whatever they can to prevent Trump, against...