A Battle Between the Hounds of Hell and a Legion of Angels


The Clinton Regime has seriously unleashed the Hounds of Hell on Donald Trump to prevent him from being elected.

And that was totally within their Satanic power, because as Wikileaks has now shown us, the Clinton team actually worships Lucifer.

We expect that the Clinton Regime will use every option at their disposal.
Every dirty trick is fair game for them.

Name calling
Race baiting
Character assassination
Bearing false witness
Voter fraud
Maybe even elimination

The end will justify the means.  It’s all being done in the name of Satan!  That’s very sad for our country.

In these last days leading up to the election, the leftist demons will unleash millions of dollars of downright false and misleading attack ads against Donald Trump. They will be brutal. They will lie, exaggerate, mislead, and misrepresent everything about Trump – past, present, and future. Their lies are a demonic art form, as they manipulate their lies to be perceived as truth. From now till Tuesday, they will use every underhanded means at their disposal to destroy Trump’s chances to win and to install Hillary, their evil surrogate, in power.

Even if Donald Trump wins the Election, these Hounds of Hell will continue their battle to destroy the values of this country and lay it at the alter of their Lord Lucifer.

But will the Hounds of Hell be able to stand up against the Legions of Angels? Because it appears that everything that the DNC and their leftist minions are doing is NOT working.  This actually comes down to a battle between good and evil!

We pray that God will have mercy on our land, despite our many sins and missteps, and that He will hold the Hounds of Hell at bay. We pray His Legions of Angels will protect us from the wiles of the Evil One. We pray the Holy Spirit will bring revival in truth and understanding to our brothers. May the scales fall off the eyes of the many Americans that have been blinded by evil indoctrination.

May the Legion of Angels triumph over the Hounds of Hell!  Amen!


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